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10 x 10ml | Fruity Fragrance Oil Gift Set

  • 10 x 10ml | Fruity Fragrance Oil Gift Set
  • 10 x 10ml | Fruity Fragrance Oil Gift Set

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Bursting with fresh, juicy scents, this fruit basket of fragrance oils is designed to brighten your day.


1 x 10ml Cherry Fragrance Oil:

All the sweet, cheerful fragrance of this bold red fruit is squeezed into our Cherry Fragrance Oil. Reminiscent of the rich, jammy filling in a Bakewell tart, this juicy scent is full of joy.

1 x 10ml Watermelon Fragrance Oil:

The perfect warm weather companion, our Watermelon Fragrance Oil captures the ripe, juicy scent of this summer favourite. Experience a burst of tropical sweetness.

1 x 10ml Orange Fragrance Oil:

The fresh, zesty scent of our Orange Fragrance Oil can brighten any room. Capturing the smell of that first pierce into the rind of an orange, it brings with it a burst of energy sure to put a spring in your step.

1 x 10ml Strawberry Fragrance Oil:

Bright and juicy, our Strawberry Fragrance Oil brings with it memories of summer days spent berry picking and picnic lunch treats. Tart and sweet notes combine to perfectly recreate the scent of this fruity favourite.

1 x 10ml Banana Fragrance Oil:

Sweet and fruity, our Banana Fragrance Oil is packed with perfectly ripe notes of your favourite yellow fruit over a syrupy base. Enjoy on its own, or combine with some of our other fruity scents.

1 x 10ml Mango Fragrance Oil:

Our Mango Fragrance Oil has an energising, uplifting scent that's sure to get you dancing. Tropical notes of sun-ripened mango burst forth in a sweet, juicy blend.

1 x 10ml Raspberry Fragrance Oil:

Bursting with juicy sweetness, this refreshing scent calls back to tongue-staining slushies on sunny days. Our Raspberry Fragrance Oil is the perfect way to bring a little summer to your home all year round.

1 x 10ml Green Apple Fragrance Oil:

Bring the granny smith orchard into your home with this crisp, refreshing scent. Our Green Apple Fragrance Oil is full of sweet, fruity notes that linger in the air like the end of summer.

1 x 10ml Blackberry Fragrance Oil:

Set out on an early autumn walk, picking ripe blackberries from the brambles as you go. Super sweet and bursting with life, the happiness in our Blackberry Fragrance Oil is infectious. Juicy blackberries dance with sugary notes and hints of amber in this joyful blend.

1 x 10ml Passion Fruit Fragrance Oil:

This exotic scent is sure to evoke passionate feelings. Our Passion Fruit Fragrance Oil is a tangy, tropical blend that captures the rich juiciness of the popular fruit.

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