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Winter Collection - Gift Set - 10 x 10ml Fragrance Oils

  • Winter Collection - Gift Set - 10 x 10ml Fragrance Oils
  • Winter Collection - Gift Set - 10 x 10ml Fragrance Oils

Winter Collection - Gift Set - 10 x 10ml Fragrance Oils

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Burrow down for the winter with some of our seasonal favourites.



1 x 10ml Cinnamon Stick Fragrance Oil:

Treat yourself to a sweet reminder of home comforts and cheerful festivities. Warm and spicy, our Cinnamon Stick Fragrance Oil helps to promote a feeling of cosiness and contentment.

1 x 10ml Apple & Cinnamon Fragrance Oil:

A classic pairing that brings to mind indulgent pie fillings and childhood treats. Our delicious Apple Cinnamon Fragrance Oil mixes notes of crisp apple with hearty cinnamon to bring you a warm, nourishing scent that will make any house feel like home.

1 x 10ml White Christmas Fragrance Oil:

You'll be dreaming of our White Christmas Fragrance Oil all year round. Transport yourself to the ultimate winter wonderland and take a sleigh ride over the sparkling white snow, surrounded by fragrant notes of jasmine, violet, rose and fir over a woody base.

1 x 10ml Candy Cane Fragrance Oil:

The perfect peppermint is bottled in our Candy Cane Fragrance Oil, with notes of sharp peppermint and crisp sugar blended into a seasonal treat. Minty and refreshing, this scent is packed with festive spirit, but it's so good that you'll end up wanting to enjoy it year-round. Recall childhood stockings and Christmas tree decorations as you breathe it in.

1 x 10ml Forest Fresh Pine Fragrance Oil:

Take an autumn walk through a beautiful British forest and feel the pine needles crunch under your feet. Our Forest Fresh Pine Fragrance Oil combines compelling top notes of fir, cedar leaf and cypress with middle notes of pine and rosewood and an earthy base of balsam and musk.

1 x 10ml Cinnamon Roll Fragrance Oil:

Indulge in the hearty sweetness of the most comforting of all the baked goods. Our Cinnamon Roll Fragrance Oil brings together sugary cinnamon and soft vanilla to create a scent straight from a baker's tray.

1 x 10ml Citrus Peel & Pine Fragrance Oil:

Stand beneath the trees and let the sounds of life in the forest echo around you. A cacophony of fruits and florals blend together in our Citrus Peel & Pine Fragrance Oil to create a fresh and fruity forest scent. Fir, lemon peel, tangerine, berry, violet and camphor float over notes of earthy patchouli, tonka bean, and a cedarwood base.

1 x 10ml Apple, Orange & Cinnamon Fragrance Oil:

This festive combination of fragrant apple, sweet orange peel, and warm cinnamon isn't just for Christmas. Our Apple, Orange & Cinnamon Fragrance Oil is a zesty, spicy oil with a lasting warmth that will help to bring an inviting atmosphere to your home.

1 x 10ml Caramel Fragrance Oil:

Moreish and indulgent, our Caramel Fragrance Oil combines sweet, buttery notes with irresistible caramelised sugar to create something magical. You'll find yourself coming back to this creamy concoction time and time again.

1 x 10ml Orange Fragrance Oil:

The fresh, zesty scent of our Orange Fragrance Oil can brighten any room. Capturing the smell of that first pierce into the rind of an orange, it brings with it a burst of energy sure to put a spring in your step.





• Please always perform a patch test before use. 

• Versatile and ideal for use in soapmaking, potpourri, bath salts, candles, oil burners and diffusers, vaporisers and air fresheners etc.

• Apply no more than 1% in any cosmetic products.

• Shake well before use



• Please perform a patch test before use 

• Do not take internally and do not apply directly to the skin 

• Not for use in lip balms, may irritate the skin 

• Highly concentrated – please keep away from children and eyes 

• Store in a cool dry place

The information provided is given in good faith and the benefits of 5 x 10ml Fragrance Oils - Gift Set given are obtained from characteristics commonly associated with it. The information is not based on facts and the benefits of the product may vary between individuals. If unsure, then we advise you to seek professional advice.


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