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2 x 100ml | Lavender (French) & Peppermint (Arvensis) Essential Oil Starter Kit

  • 2 x 100ml | Lavender (French) & Peppermint (Arvensis) Essential Oil Starter Kit

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Stimulate and soothe with this sweet pair.

Lavender (French) Essential Oil - Lavender is a calming oil, traditionally used for its healing properties. Diffusing lavender oil in your home can help to calm your worries and lift your mood, whilst using it in home cleaners can keep pests and harmful microbes at bay. Some research even suggests that lavender oil can be beneficial for hair growth.

Botanical Name: Lavandula Angustifolia

Peppermint (Arvensis) Essential Oil - Peppermint oil's timeless scent is not only refreshing and stimulating but packed full of benefits. A favourite among athletes, it can be used to boost energy and improve breath flow and can help reduce exercise-related injuries by relaxing tight or strained muscles. It has also been found to relieve gastric distress, clear up cold symptoms, and soothe skin. This energising oil is also famous for its ability to repel spiders.

Botanical Name: Mentha Arvensis

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