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Spice Fragrance Oils

Spice Fragrance Oils

Experience the warm scents and subtle kicks of our beloved spicy fragrance oils, ideal for any time of year. Shop our collection of premium spicy fragrance oils below.


What are spice fragrance oils?

Spicy fragrance oils combine the rich and peppery smells of our favourite natural spices with the delicate aromas of fruits, herbs and flowers.

Fragrance Oil Boxes

Perfect for bringing the warming sweetness of the festive period into your home, our spice fragrance oils can be diffused, added to your bath, or used in candle and soapmaking to extend the feeling all year round.

Treat yourself to the classic indulgence of our Pumpkin Spice fragrance oil, or discover the beauty of historically significant aromas like our Bay Rum fragrance oil to add an extra sprig of flavour into your home.

What are spice fragrance oils good for?

If you're looking to give something extra special this Christmas, look no further than our selection of spicy fragrance oils.

Perfect for creating homemade candles, soaps, wax melts, and bath bombs, these scents will stay consistently rich and fragrant, making great gifts and additions to the home no matter what the season or the occasion.

Check out our blog for some festive ideas, or try experimenting with your chosen favourites at home.

Alternatively, spread the warm and woody aromas around your home by placing a few drops into your favourite diffuser or oil burner.

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