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4 March 2022 / Caitlin Devlin

How floral oils can boost your wellbeing

Discover the benefits of the oils extracted from these six flowering plants.

How floral oils can boost your wellbeing

Floral scents have multiple benefits for our bodies and minds.

Floral oils are generally calming, stress-relieving and sleep-promoting, helping us to feel well and rested. They often have pain-relieving properties, being used to calm muscle pain and relieve hormonal pain and cramping. Floral oils are also incredibly popular in skincare thanks to their gentle cleansing and soothing abilities. These six oils all have multiple benefits for your mental health, physical wellness, and home hygiene.

Clary sage oil

Often known as the ‘women’s oil’, clary sage is known to reduce anxiety and pain surrounding birth. It is commonly used to ease menstrual cramps and relax the body in times of distress. The oil’s soothing properties can relieve muscle pain and soreness and increase circulation, whilst its antibacterial properties make it a wonderful skin cleanser. Clary sage is also able to decrease blood pressure, protecting internal health.

Learn more about the benefits of clary sage essential oil.

Geranium oil

A highly anti-inflammatory oil, geranium soothes swollen muscles and joints and reduces sensations of pain, as well as relieving stress and anxiety. Geranium is also known as a natural deodorant, able to absorb through skin and circulate to be released through perspiration and mask unpleasant body odour. In addition, geranium can help to detoxify the body by promoting urination and reducing water retention.

Learn more about the benefits of geranium essential oil.

Hyssop oil

Hyssop is a wonderful natural remedy for coughs and colds. An antispasmodic oil, it is said to prevent muscle spasms in the chest, thereby inhibiting coughing fits, whilst its decongestant abilities allow it to loosen phlegm in the respiratory tract and open up airways. It can also attack the cause of illnesses, fighting infections and killing bacteria. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a great treatment for sore muscles, as well as a soothing skin tonic.

Learn more about the benefits of hyssop essential oil. 

Floral oils are healing, soothing and stress-relieving. 

Lavender oil

Lavender is a healing oil for both the body and mind. With strong anti-anxiety abilities, it can lift low moods, relieve stress, and promote rest. It is known to help mend wounds and protect the body from infection, and its pain-relieving abilities help it to reduce pain associated with migraines and menstrual cramps. Lavender oil is also an antioxidant, preventing the oxidising damage caused by free radicals.

Learn more about the benefits of lavender essential oil.

Neroli oil

Neroli oil is a soothing oil, known to reduce inflammation, blood pressure, and sensitivity to pain. Its soothing abilities extend to the mind, as it is able to reduce stress and anxiety for a calmer, more levelled outlook. It is also a great skin tonic thanks to its cleansing properties and its astringent effects, tightening and brightening skin for a younger appearance. Neroli oil is even said to boost libido.

Learn more about the benefits of neroli essential oil.

Ylang ylang oil

Ylang ylang has both antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it a flexible cleaning agent with comprehensive cleaning abilities. It can boost immune function and help our bodies to strengthen their own protection. It is also said to have a harmonising effect on emotions, known to reduce stress and anxiety, boost confidence, and even act as an aphrodisiac. When applied to skin it is said to reduce signs of aging and deeply cleanse pores.

Learn more about the benefits of ylang ylang essential oil. 

Peaceful floral oils are always a great addition to any collection. Take some time to explore our range and discover your favourite. If you’re looking for the ultimate flowery blend, try our Floral Relief Pure Essential Oil Blend to experience the combined benefits of some of our favourite floral scents.

Floral Relief - Pure Essential Oil Blend - Aromatherapy - 100% Natural

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Shop our floral essential oils here.

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