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3 December 2021 / Caitlin Devlin

Mandarin Essential Oil: History, Uses and Benefits

Known as the gentlest of the citrus oils, mandarin oil is soothing and calming.

Mandarins sliced open on a marble table.

Cultivated for over three thousand years, mandarins are often associated with wealth and prosperity.

Sharing a name with the orange-robed high officials of the Chinese empire, mandarins were traditionally used in Chinese medicine to treat chest, gastric and liver discomfort, and made their way to Europe as an indigestion cure.

Despite these powerful benefits, mandarin is known as a gentle oil, and unlike other citrus oils is very skin-friendly when diluted.

For this reason mandarin oil is often used in the present day as a facial cleanser, as well as a relaxant and pain-reliever.

Mandarin essential oil soothes the body and mind.

Multiple studies have been conducted into mandarin’s stress-relieving effects. A study in 2008, for example, found that mandarin oil can be used to prevent anxiety-related sleep loss and promote healthy sleeping patterns.

Mandarin oil isn’t just soothing for the mind, but has also been shown to reduce pain and nausea.

A study in 2016 examined the effect of essential oil inhalation on the pain, anxiety and nausea of hospital patients, and found that mandarin oil had a positive impact on all three counts.

This soothing, relieving quality is speculated to be attributed at least in part to the presence of terpenes in the oil, which are associated with pain relief.

Peeled mandarins in metal bowl.

It can keep bacteria at bay.

Mandarin oil also has strong antibacterial properties. A study in 2014 looked at the effectiveness of mandarin the food preservation process, and found that mandarin oil helped to prevent the loss of firmness and colour changes over fourteen days.

This suggests that mandarin oil is great for slowing or preventing the growth of bacteria, qualities which make it an ideal ingredient in home cleaning sprays.

It cleanses skin.

Not only is mandarin oil gentle, but unlike other citrus oils it isn’t considered phototoxic, making diluted mandarin oil safe to apply to skin.

Mandarin oil has been said by some people to help reduce signs of aging and the appearance of scars, although this evidence is still largely anecdotal.

What we do know is that mandarin oil has strong antibacterial and antifungal effects, helping to promote the growth of any unwanted bacteria in the skin.

These effects may be due in part to the presence of the constituent limonene in the oil.

It’s anti-inflammatory.

Mandarin oil is able to reduce inflammation not only on the surface of the skin, but underneath it. In fact, a 2014 animal study found that mandarin oil was able to help soothe inflammatory bowel disease, easing discomfort and improving overall health.

Try diffusing the oil or rubbing a diluted amount on the abdomen or sore muscles to feel these benefits.

    Mandarin’s medical history is steeped in luxury and wealth., with the fruit being mainly dispersed among the upper classes for centuries.

    However, these days both the fruit and the oil are incredibly accessible, and its benefits are able to be enjoyed by all.

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