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2 May 2022 / Caitlin Devlin

Lava stone bracelets and essential oils

You may have noticed these dark, porous rocks threaded onto bracelets.

Lava stone bracelets and essential oils

Lava stone is one of the oldest rocks on the planet.

It has a rich spiritual history and has connotations with increased spirituality, decreased stress, and inner peace. It can also play a useful role in aromatherapy. Read on to discover how lava stone bracelets can elevate your use of essential oils.

What is lava stone?

Lava stone, or lava rock, comes from the Earth’s core and is made of pure carbon. It is a porous oil that can be grey or black in colour and is used in many ways in wellness industries – for example, in the popular practice of hot stone massage. This is due to the stone’s ability to absorb and gradually release heat and energy.

In the chakra system, the lava stone is connected to the root chakra for its grounding, reassuring effects. The root chakra links to our safety, security and physical wellbeing. Lava stone can help to ensure all of these things, particularly when used in combination with essential oils.

Why is lava stone beneficial?

Lava stone is said to dispel negative energy and relieve anxiety. Its grounding effects can offer comfort in times of change. It is also associated with courage and was once worn by Native Americans as they headed into battle.

    How can lava stone be used with essential oils?

    Lava stone is porous, which means that the surface of the stone is covered with tiny holes. This means that it easily absorbs essential oils and slowly releases them throughout the day. Due to this slow release, the scent of the oils lasts longer than perfume when it is worn in this way, and the benefits of the oils can be felt all day. Essential oils can be applied to a lava stone bracelet to relieve anxiety, promote happiness, or hone focus. You can even put a bug repellent oil such as citronella on a lava stone bracelet in order to repel insects.

    What blends should I use on a lava stone bracelet?

    Stress relief:



    In summary:

    • Lava stone is a grounding, comforting rock that comes from the Earth’s core
    • Its porous surface means that it can easily absorb essential oils.
    • Wearing lava stone on your wrist allows you to experience the benefits of these oils all day as they are slowly released.

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